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Urban Indian Heritage Society

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Urban Indian Heritage Society

At Urban Indian Heritage Society, our mission is to research, document, and preserve the history and culture of Misclassified, disenfranchised American Indian lineal descendants who are victims of genocide, while being excluded from federally protected activities. We are committed to promoting civic engagement and advocating for both Civil and Human rights for these communities.

Through our work, we aim to raise awareness of the historical and ongoing injustices faced by these communities, and to empower them to reclaim their identities, cultures, and ancestral lands. We believe that preserving the rich heritage of these communities is essential to understanding the true history of the United States, and to creating a more equitable and just society for all.

We are dedicated to the curation, preservation, and maintenance of ancestral lands, using sustainable practices that honor the sacred relationship between indigenous communities and the natural world. We recognize that the protection of these lands is crucial to the survival of indigenous cultures and the well-being of the planet as a whole.

As we carry out our mission, we remain committed to working collaboratively with indigenous communities, respecting their sovereignty, and prioritizing their voices and perspectives. We recognize that the work of preserving and celebrating indigenous cultures is ongoing, and we are dedicated to continuing this work for generations to come.

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110 Coliseum Xing, Hampton, VA 23666, USA


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